Archery 3D Competion 2015

As every year we are providing in the April 18, 2015 Archery 3D competition. If you have also interest about accommodation or horsbackriding, please make reservation few days before. Thank you.

Goat farm

In the year 2014 we also established the goat farm on our ranch.

In this time in the year 2015 we are offering also goat product as raw fresch milk or cheeses. You can order plain white, which has similair consistancy

as mozzarela cheese, or with herbs, garlic, or as you wish. 


The prices:


1liter of raw fresh milk 40-, CZK

The plastic bottle for milk 10-, CZK

100 g of cheese 50-, CZK



The expiration date of the milk is 3 days, of cheeses 10 days.

The manufacturing date is on the label of products.

Riding camps for children 2012

As every year, we offer places in our riding camp for children in our ranch.

This year, the camp will take place from August 18 till August 29, 2012.

The summer camp will be similar to the last year camp.

After arrival, the children will be divided into groups based on the assessment of their performance in the riding hall by the riding coach. There will be three different groups – beginners, advanced, riders. Training will then take place in the relevant groups in the following days. Due to safety reasons, the beginners will spend all of their time in the riding arena. Besides riding and horse care, there will be some other activities prepared for the children for their free time. The names of the adults in charge of the other activities will be presented here on our web pages by the end of May.

We recommend the parents to make a health insurance contract for their children before arriving to the camp, since riding may imply health risks. We do our best to meet all safety requirements, however horses are shy animals as their role in the past was usually to ran away to escape predators. Horses may feel threatened and kick...

Of course we teach the children how to approach horses, how to behave, how to care for the horses and what to expect in which situation.

What should the children take with them? Sport clothing and shoes, sport shoes with smooth sole for riding /so that the foot does not get jammed in the stirrups/, breech or other tight trousers/, riding helmets (we also provide helmets to those who do not have them). Other wear is not specific, please bring also a swimming suit as well as a raincoat and rain shoes for the case of rainy weather or warm wear for the case of colder weather. Do not forget insect repellents or medicaments if taken regularly...

Transport: own transport

Accommodation: Apartments with shower and toilet, cottages/lodges for scouts. Those who sign for the camp early will have the chance to choose the accommodation.

Food: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and drinks during the whole stay.

Price: CZK 7000

Application form: If you are interested in making a reservation for your child, fill in the following form and send it to us.

If you have any question, do not hesitate and contact us :+420 602 222 776 /A.Švarcová/